5 Thoughts a Chubby Girl Has Before Holiday

I go on holiday in 4 days, I've been eating like a rabbit and running like I can run away from all my issues, I've dragged my arse around out of bed and downstairs to quite literally do an insane Insanity work out. So why am I still feeling nervous about putting my arse into a bikini, swaying around the beach and hoping to god my factor 50 lasts and doesn't let my fake ginger skin burn to a crisp. This isn't an ask for "what you talking about Alice, you're not chubby." this is just me saying that I know everyone has little things about going on holiday, whether you're size 6, 16 or 20 there will always be something about walking around in what is at the end of the day water proof underwear that you just might not enjoy. So this is me talking about I'm worried about for holiday and the top one isn't my stomach in a swim suit.

1.  Have I packed enough high waisted bottoms as I can't resort to the hipsters again, I wore them last holiday and couldn't stop staring at my stomach the whole day and I'm sure they make me look bigger, the high waisted ones hold my stomach in  bit more... maybe I should buy an extra pair just in case.

2.  Do I give up carbs for the week leading up to the flight, yes I know I love bread and pasta, oh my god I love pasta but I love a flat stomach even more... oh wait does that mean I can't eat carbs in holiday too, cause that's something I'm really not ready to give up.

3.  How do you stop chub rub again? Was it talcum powder or was it those ugly black cycling short things again? If I buy some pretty ones maybe it won't look so weird when I wear them? I swear I saw some glittery ones one time.

4. Right I'm an adult now I can get on the plane without worrying about my thighs looking swished when I sit down, and the same goes for those sun loungers like there is no elegant way to go from front to back and front and back again, it's more of a swing your legs out option and hope you can stand up quick enough so your stomach is only rolled for a few second, oh yeah and don't forget to pull those bottoms out your arse, walk over to the bar and grab a cocktail or 3!

5. This time it's going to be different, I really won't care about all the above issues and so much more, I want to enjoy this holiday in all my jiggerly lushness and not have to worry about if my arse looks fat, my stomach isn't flat and if there is or isn't a gab between my thighs, cause I deserve this break and that's what I'm going onto that plane thinking about. I'm going to enjoy this time away bumps and all.

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